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Springtime is Seedling Time

Forgive me. I’m running a marketing blog, and I’m about to write about something that is NOT marketing related.

Outside of my daily work-routine, there are a few passions I continue to hold dear. Traveling, cooking, and drawing to name a few. However, there is one hobby that is perhaps my most recent infatuation, and it has now turned to love. (Not the Jr. High I like you, do you like me kind of love… but the Grey’s Anatomy I’ve found my person kind of love.)

Gardening is my new favorite addiction. I eased into it growing up with my mother planting two or three tomatoes in the backyard along with some beautiful annuals and a handful of other greenery. Once I moved into my own home after college, I realized that this simple pastime had rooted in me like an unpotted patch of mint. (Spoiler - mint spreads everywhere.) Soon my husband and I had redone the backyard, optimized the amount of garden space for maximum yield, and by golly I even got Nick to begin eating things like eggplant and radishes.

This year I’ve added one more layer to this growing passion of mine - seedlings! Instead of hopping across Iowa looking for the best flowers and vegetables, (which honestly I’ll probley still do anyway,) I started well over 75 seeds back in January. The seeds have each chosen different times and temperatures to emerge from, but nonetheless they emerged! The tomatoes I grow this year will be ones I started all the way from the beginning. The fruit from those plants will then be intertwined with my other summertime hobby - canning. (What can I say I’m old fashioned?) When I have homemade salsa, pasta sauce, and steamed tomatoes, I’ll be able to say I started the seeds, tended to the seedlings, grew the plants, harvested the fruits, and canned the summer’s harvest. For some reason this is one of the most satisfying projects of my year! I know I can go buy canned diced tomatoes any time of the year, but instead I’m excited to smile each time I reach for a ball jar in the pantry knowing I personally created every drop in that glass.

This year we’re growing more than tomatoes. Thanks to our friends at Baker Creek Seeds and the Sandia Seed Company, we’ll have an array of hot and sweet peppers from all over the world. One of which I find incredibly fascinating. The Habanada Pepper is this crazy cool pepper which was invented by MazLab seeds (one of my most recent Instagram follows) in order to grow a pepper with all the taste of a habanero but none of the heat. Amazingly enough their team was successful! Now seed distributors around the country are selling this innovative pepper! I can’t wait to see how it turns out, but even more importantly I can’t wait to see what I can do because of it.

Upon reading about the Habanada Pepper, I discovered the process of cross-pollinating plants and suddenly a whole new chapter of my gardening hobby unfolded. This year I’m going to attempt to create my own crosses. Some tomatoes, a few peppers, and perhaps maybe even another cucamelan. The excitement of this new process has opened more doors to dig deeper into this passion. Whether the seeds bear good fruit next year, or offer little change compared to their parental counterparts, it’s exciting to TRY. It’s exciting to do something new.

As March ends, and April begins, my little seedlings (and soon-to-be science experiments) continue to grow. Come Mother’s Day they’ll be ready to dig their roots into the garden and get to growing. The busy-time for this passion is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more giddy. Please enjoy random postings this month about seeds, seedlings or just gardening in general because I am EXCITED, and I hope you're excited too!

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